In the last 20 years, bubble tea and milk tea drinks have been popular in Indonesia.  Now we want to bring you a different kind of extraordinary, the next big thing in drink concept to set a new trend in Indonesia; Cheese Tea drink. We also dream big of helping you chase towards entrepreneurship opportunity. No boss, no boring desk job. Just imagine the smell of freshly brewed tea and the smiles of happy customers. It’s the dream of millions. Your own tea shops.

Let’s join us to embark on our sky-rocketed journey to #infiniTEA and beyond!

All around the globe people are lining up for hours to get their tastebud on this amazing concoction of refreshing aromatic tea and cheese foam. It all began in Taiwan and Mainland China. Soon after Southeast Asia was going for the cheese tea hype at full tilt. Gulu Gulu will be the first to introduce cheese tea craze in Indonesia.


Gulu Gulu was established by the Sour Sally Group – the frozen yogurt pioneer in Indonesia with more than 50 stores nationwide and almost a decade of experience in retail and F&B franchise – in 2017. Founded by Donny Pramono Ie and his Taiwanese-descent Singaporean partner Shaun Markus Lee, they are keen on bringing the distinctive Taiwanese idea of cheese tea drink to the Indonesian market.

Quality is king, so the pair went to the Taiwanese highlands to source the authentic Taiwanese tea leaves known for its finest quality and strong aroma and to develop the most delicious and rich-tasting cheese foam. With the help of a Taiwanese tea master, the duo worked on to formulate the best cheese tea drinks soon to be known in Indonesia.

Let’s get this #parTEA started! Be #Cheesetastic!


Gulu Gulu means Unique, Fluffy and Soft in Taiwanese. It represents expression of people enjoying drinks while chit-chatting with each other.


Upon its first introduction to the public at SIAL Interfood Expo on November 2017, Gulu Gulu broke a record by having sold more than 60+ business licenses even before opening its first store. The level of enthusiasm from public whose interest in acquiring business opportunity from Gulu Gulu was euphorically high. With such high demand, leaving more than 250+ names on waiting list for future opportunity. The record was set in stone by MURI (Museum Rekor Dunia Indonesia), a prestigious Indonesian World Records Museum, with record title as “Merk yang Menjual Lisensi Terbanyak Sebelum Diluncurkan” (Brand who sold the most licenses before the first store opening).

MURI Record


As of 2017, the tea market is a field of contention between various established bubble tea and milk tea brands. Gulu Gulu will be the first to specialize in Cheese Tea, nothing like anything currently on Indonesian market It’s so #Tastea and #deliCHEESEus!