Are You 

An aspiring Entrepreneur?

Want your own business but don’t know where to start?

Do you want to be your own boss but afraid to start a business?

Are you fresh graduate who wants to learn real business?

Need an easy route towards business-ownership?

Are you Parents who’d gift your children with their first own business?

Whatever the reason may be, taking Gulu Gulu License is a step in the right direction. Gulu Gulu will help you take the first step in achieving your dreams. Gulu Gulu’s business model is so simple and so easy to run that it virtually pays for itself! From then on, all you have to do is run and steer your business towards success.


Gulu Gulu will help you prepare to start a business. From then on, all you have to do is run and steer your Licensed stores towards success.

Professional Management

Gulu Gulu is managed by Sour Sally group who is a pioneer in Frozen Yogurt in Indonesia with almost a decade of retail and F&B Franchise experience

Easy, Simple Business to run

Gulu Gulu is easy and simple “Plug & Play” business to manage

A very Profitable business

Small capital expenditure and small space requirements hence less fixed cost making this as a very profitable business

Reliable and Consistent Supply of Ingredients

We supply essential proprietary ingredients and recipes. You will be able to enjoy cost savings when making bulk purchases of items from our supplier network.

Ideal Locations

Leverage our networks to secure an ideal location. Our consultants will advise you on how to identify the key aspects that would make your store a success.

Ready made outlet concept and design

Avoid hiring costly interior designers. Our in-house experts will provide you with a comprehensive set of renderings, drawings, and material choices.


Our training programs will help your staff run operations smoothly. Business continuity is assured with the refresher courses designed to aid Licensees in the long run.

New Product Development

We are constantly looking for new ways to re-invent ourselves. From innovative cream cheese toppings to new unique aromatic tea leaves and flavor, these are the brainchild of our innovative product development team.

Marketing Support

Effective marketing is what drives the growth of businesses today. Apart from brand promotion at the Licensor level, we will provide guidelines on how to make the best use of in-store advertising.

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